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Welcome to the redesigned website of the Eagle & Dove. 

To those who have visited this site in its previous creation (The Easylife Site), or who have visited this site before, may I welcome you back and hope you like the new design. For those who have not visited before, welcome to my site.

The Eagle and Dove is all my own creation and is a useful source where aspiring writers or anyone interested in the written word can find useful information.

The Eagle and Dove is not just about information, it's about writing, and writing itself should be fun and creative, a vehicle for expressing your ideas, fears, and fantasies.

To explore this site, just click a section on the main drop-down navigation bar at the top.  There are then multiple hyperlinks to all parts of this site. So click your way around to your heart's content, and hopefully, you should find what you are looking for.

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    World of the Eagle and Dove.

    For those who have not been here before, 'The Eagle & The Dove' is a story I have been researching and developing for over 20 years. The idea first originated during my travels through Southern France and the mountains of Andalusia in Spain.
    Unfortunately, due to family and work commitments, I never seem to find the time to write as much as I would like, but despite all the interruptions, I am finally getting close to finishing the work.

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  • ripbanner

    Short for Ray's 'Internet Poetry Pages' and it is my contribution to On-line poetry.

    All the poems used on these pages have been selected from my book 'Poems and a wandering philosophy' copies of which are available in either printed format or as an e-book.

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  • 'penpaper
    The Write Pages
    The Write pages is a section listing Web sites, that are dedicated to writers both existing and aspiring.  With over 1,000 excellent links for the literate (and the not so) literary-minded.

    To make sure you can find the specific site you want, The Write Links has been sub-divided into a further 10 categories covering books, publishing, self-help and everything you need to help you write or find out more about the literary world.

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    General Snip-bits

    Snippits is a section that is about writing, and writing-related subjects. Eventually, I hope to populate it with a range of subjects that will be of interest to anyone who loves the written word.
    Currently, there are two sections; 'Wonderfully Wierd Webs', a collection of links to some of the weirdest and craziest websites around, and 'I Quote', an A-Z of famous quotes with links to information about the quotes and where or to whom ithey
    are attributed.

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    Date with Destiny

    This will take time (excuse the pun).  'Date with destiny' is a calendar of dates and events, with an online hyperlink to a website covering the subject. I will try and cover every day between Jan 1st--Dec 31st, so there is something for anyone trying to write fillers or short articles. Please bare with me as it develops.

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    Articles:   A collection of blogs/article dealing mainly with what is happening in the world around us. In interesting Blogs, I hope to touch on a wide range of topics that specifically deal with writing issues.
    If you feel you can contribute, or you have a particular interest in a subject, e-mail me, and  maybe It will appear here.

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  • saundersfoot2

    Memories of someone who has spent over 25 years touring this crazy yet beautiful planet we call Earth. I have heard the drums reverberating through the African bush at midnight, taught English to Spanish children in the squalor of shanty towns, and lorded it with the rich of the Riviera. The stories in the Wild Welsh Wanderer section are true accounts of the crazy, insane and beatiful times I have had.

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