R.I.P. Pages

Welcome to the R.I.P. Pages

Short for Ray's 'Internet Poetry Pages' and it is my contribution to On-line poetry.

All the poems used on these pages have been selected from my book 'Poems and a wandering philosophy' copies of which are available in either printed format or as an e-book.

The pages are divided into the following sections

A collection of poems showcasing the stupidity, bravery and folly of war, which also deals with the consequences and aftermath left for ordinary people (4 poems).

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Of Love and Loss

We've all loved and some of us have lost.  These poems describes the ups and downs of love (7 poems).
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Of Philosophy & Folly

Wise man say only fools rush in.  It's true, but sometimes there is many a word of wisdom in foolishness (6 poems),
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Of Life & Death

You live and die.  Those are the unchangeable facts about life.  It's what you do in between that count (5 poems).
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