Wild Welsh Wanderer

OK, everyone has a story, and we call it his-tory.

Mine goes like this:  I'm Raymond Baker (just Ray to friends), I'm from Wales and proud of it.
In the hectic race we call life I've been a tinker, a soldier a sailor and clown, a lover, poet and fool.  I'm also a dreamer and a teller of tales.

I spent over 25 years touring this crazy yet beautiful planet we call Earth. I have heard the drums reverberating through the African bush at midnight, taught English to Spanish children in the squalor of shanty towns, and lorded it with the rich of the Riviera. The stories in the Wild Welsh Wanderer section are true accounts of the crazy, insane and beatiful times I have had.



A slow boat to Israel:

Posted in Wild Welsh Wanderer

A slow boat to Israel:

slowboatAn episode from the dairies of the Wild Welsh Wanderer

In February 1987, I was employed to deliver a research vessel from Milford Haven, West Wales, to Eilat on the Red sea in Israel. Little did I realise that eight months further on, I very nearly started another Arab-Israeli conflict!

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