General Snippits

 b3General Snip-bits is a section that is about writing, and writing related subjects. Eventually, I hope to populate it with a range of subjects that will be of interest to anyone who loves the written word.

Currently there are only two sections which include: Wonderfull Wierd Webs and I Quote .  They are explained in more detail on their relative pages. If any members have any suggestions for new categories in this section, I will be only to pleased to receive them.

I quote is an A - Z of memorable quotes through the ages.  But it's more than just a collection  0f quotes, I have inclided links to the source of the quotes where possible, so you can find out about the author and the origins of that particular quote.  Naturally, I hope to expand on this as time goes by, so contributions are gladly accepted.


Wonderfully Wierd Webs

The A to Z of

Wonderfully Weird Webs

We all know there are some fascinating, wacky, weird and wonderful webs around. I have selected a few which I feel would appeal to most people, but then we all have a wide variety of tastes.

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