Eagle and Dove - The Beginning:

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ac5The Beginning (page 3)

   Down and down he spiralled yet again as once more he started pumping frantically to gain some sort of control, hoping beyond hope to remain aloft and avoid the collision that had only been delayed at the Silbido pass. It was not to be. Luck had already laid her hand on the Eaglet that day and unfortunately there was no more available.
  Canana crashed into the solid ground with a sickening thud. A jolt of excruciating pain surged through his whole body, causing him to scream out in agony. As he lay there, his entire body seemed to be crying out with suffering and anguish. But he was alive and for that he could at least be thankful.
 As he lay among the rocks, his broken body screaming its painful torment, his mind was telling him to find some form of warmth and shelter, out of this crippling cold and more importantly, away from any predator that may be skulking around. Twice he attempted to stand, and twice he fell, both falls sending fresh waves of agony through his already tortured frame. Fighting off pain and an enfolding sense of darkness, Canana attempted to stand for the third time and succeeded only in toppling over a small embankment.
  Down he rolled into what many years ago had been a small river that teemed with fish but was now an empty ravine, sucked dry of water due to the irrigation systems the man had made to water his fields. His injured pain wracked body could take no more. Eventually he stopped rolling and came to rest below an overhang of tree roots and earth where he finally fell into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness.
  There undoubtedly the Eaglet would have lain until his death, but fate is oft a cruel companion and it had other plans for Canana. His life was not ready to end there, among the rocks and stones in the Guadalquivir.
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