Of Life & Death

You live and die.  Those are the unchangeable facts about life.  It's what you do in between that count.


What Stadards

standardsWhat Standards is about judgment and being judgmental.  We tend to judge everyone by our own standards, but who is to say if your own standards are high enough to allow you to be judgmental of others.


A Modern Daydream

riotssmA Modern Daydream

Having witnessed a few riots over the years, they are not particularly pleasant and more often then not, the innocent suffer the most. large cities are what breed the fuel needed for riots to feed on, and for this reason I stay away from them. I think this poem sums up my inherent dislikes and prejudices about urban existence.


A New World Born

nwwrldbrnsmllA New World Born'

Taken from a poem I first wrote 20 odd years ago, it originally dealt with the after affects on this planet after a nuclear war. But I found it seemed more relevant to global warming and pollution See what you think?


The Wind

thewindsmI have been told by many, that is my strangest piece of work. This maybe true, because it is a bit mystical and it's not the easiest poem in the world to understand; and yes it is long, but many seem to like it


Home From the Sea

hmefromseasmlllThis is a story of a sailor returning from his journey. Only it's not quite as simple as that. I can only ask that you read on.

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