Of Philosophy & Folly

Wise man say only fools rush in.  It's true, but sometimes there is many a word of widomin foolishness,


Dreams of freedom

Not sure if I can call this poetry, it's probably more prose than poem.  Again, I will let you be the judge of that.


City of Illusion

cityof illusionsmCity of Illusion is all about that what we dream of finding, but never do.  Call it heaven, Nirvana or El-Dorado, call it what you will, just don't let your imagination let it go.


Advice to a Friend

politico2 jv accordionajax thumb

Advice to a Friend' is basically for anyone thinking of becoming a politician. If that's you, then you had better read this - and who knows; it may just help!


Acceptance or not

acceptornotAcceptance or not

Some of us thrive on diversity, others hate things to be changed or different. Whatever your personal preference, read this and decide for yourself what is right.


Reason for Thought

r4thghtjpgThis is an odd one I have thrown in for no other reason than to give you a few words to think about.



Sign of the times

signoftimesNothing stands still, and the world keeps on turning. But do you know where your going? Do you like this change? Whatever our choices, we must adapt or die.


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