Part 4: Of the Eagle & Dove
Heart of the AndesPart 4: Of the Eagle & Dove
The final part of the book covers the relationship between the Eagle & Dove, the tribulations they face and how a way of life for both Gypsies and Great Eagles is bought to a traumatic end.
Chapter 1. Song of the valley.
This song has been handed down through generations of Gypsies and is still sung around campfires at night.  It deals with the story of the Eagle and Dove and seeks to ask questions about what happened such a long time ago.
Chapter 2. On the Road
The Gypsy convoy have left the valley, making their way towards France, following ancient back roads to avoid patrols and bandits. As Canana's strength builds up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal him. Meanwhile, Habby and the Cabelleros are on the way to Sevilla where they hope to sell the herd at the great horse fair there..
Chapter 3: Devils child.
Chapter 4: Inquisition
Chapter 5: Canana's quest
Chapter 6: Return to Guadalquivir
Chapter 7: Ordeal by fire
Chapter 8: Canana's choice
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Eagle and Dove - Of the Eagle & Dove

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animated eaglePart 4:  Of the Eagle & Dove


Chapter 1:  Ballad of the Eagle & Dove

Mystical valley, how still you now lie
Your river runs deep, with the tears you have cried.
What beauty and sadness lies buried within
Magical valley - what songs can you sing.

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