Part 2: Ancient friends and foes
ac5In part 2, we meet the 'Great Eagles', what they are, their history in the valley of the Guadalquivir, their their habitat, customs and size, and we are also introduced to the individual characters that make up the 'Great Eagles'.
Chapter 1:  Ballad of the Eagles. A Gypsy song about the Eagles of the valley.  Origin unknown.

Chapter 2: Remera. Canana's mother Remera, is searching for food, now the olive harvest has started food is even scarcer due to the busy activities of the humans. Remera reflects on how rich and bountiful the valley was when the eagles first came, than how their troubles began with the arrival of man. How this trouble turned into hatred, eventually leading to the decline and death for the eagles.

Chapter 3: Cylor. We are also introduced to Cylor, Remera's now dead mate, and Canana's father. Remera recalls the day Cylor died and we relive the sequence of events that led to his death, the battle with the farmer and the inevitable outcome and bloody carnage that followed.

Chapter 4: Death in the valley. Remera feeling uneasy speeds up her hunt and is rewarded when she spots a dog running through the open fields towards the olive trees. Meanwhile the owner of the bitch has also noticed the Eagle, sensing that the bird would attack he prepares an ambush. Francisco Habir Lomez (Habby) spoils the ambush injuring the farmer in the process.

Chapter 5:The Search. Remera takes her prize and returns to the Eyrie only to find her uneasiness was well founded and Canana has probably fallen to his death. She undertakes a desperate search but to no avail, assuming that he is dead and has probably been taken by scavengers she returns to the nest determined that she to will leave the valley as soon as her remaining offspring is capable of flying.
Chapter 6: Discovery. Meanwhile, Mañana lies at the bottom of a ravine overwhelmed by a strange sense of fear finds herself face to face with a Great Eagle, one of the worlds most dangerous creatures. Paco tells Habby a legend about an Eagle who once took the form of a human, and how the destinies of Eagles an Gypsies became entwined. Returning home Habby finds that Mañana is still missing and asks the clan to search for his daughter. The search finds Mañana and bring and the wounded eaglet back to the camp. As she continues healing him a growing bond of trust and affection starts to develop between the bird and human.


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Eagle and Dove - Ancient Friends and Foes

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golden eaglePART 2. Ancient friends and foes


Chapter 1: Ballad of the Eagles

( A traditional Gypsy song in praise of eagles, natures way and freedom )


Fly Eagle fly, take the sky
Let the wind wild and free,
feel your strength as you take the air
the king of grace, he has no care.



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