Part 3: Myths, Magic & Medicine

myths1Part 3: Myths, Magic and Medicine

Now that the central characters have met, this part deals with the relationship and the special bond of trust and love that forms between the two.

Below is a quick synopsis of part 3.  To read it completly, you need to be a registered member and logged in. Most of the pages in this part are still under construction.



Chapter 1: Manana's Song
An old Gypsy song that dates back to before of the clans wandering. After the events of this book take place, this song became a traditional Gypsy lament.



Chapter 2: The sound of omens
Mañana's father Habby, has been sacked for saving Remera. He returns to the camp to discuss events with Paca the chief elder. It is decided that because of the strong hatred the farmers feel for the Eagles, it would not be safe for Habby to remain in the valley. Returning home Habby finds that Manana is still missing, still troubled by the days events, he wastes no time in deciding to start a search

torches1Chapter 3: Torches through the valley
Habby asks the gathered clan for their help in locating his daughter. Tired and wary they still all volunteer to help. Meanwhile Mañana has come out of her feint, where she discovers that the Eagle that so scared her is only a very young and badly injured eaglet.

eagletChapter 4: Moonligh Medicine
Darkness has fallen, Mañana realises that the eagle needs help. Somehow she invokes healing and starts her healing process in darkness.  The cold is crippling and she herself is fatigued and near to exposure from the cold. As she works, she notices torches and familiar voices heading her way.

torches3Chapter 5: Return to camp
Mañana finds her father and explains what had happened and also asks for blankets and some food so as to keep the bird alive and warm.  On the return to camp, Habby is now desperately worried. This is the third incident that day in which eagles have forced an intrusion into his life.

whccfireopChapter 6: Midnight Meeting
The camp is still awake awaiting the return of the searchers, when Habby returns, he has no trouble assembling the elders. They discuss all the days events, Habby begins with the incident in the olive field, followed by his meeting with Paco and ending with his reunion with Mañana. It is decided that their duty is to heal the eagle as they are honour bound by history. They also stress the need to keep it a tightly guarded secret because of the possible threat from the valleys inhabitants.

caravan2Chapter 7: Harvest Healing
Manana and a few selected helpers carefully place the eaglet in one of the provision wagons which workers had just finished for this purpose. Habby meanwhile sets out to find work outside the valley. At the camp, Manana continues to heal the eaglet who is slowly but definitely growing stronger. As she is healing a growing bond of trust and affection is developing between the bird and human.

olive trees of catalunyaChapter 8: Departure
The harvest is over, the Gypsies set about breaking camp ready for their annual pilgrimage to Sans Maria de la mer. Habby and the Cabelleros takethe horses to annual great horse fair in Seville.

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Eagle and Dove - Myths, Magic and Medicine

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moonlightPart 3: Myths, Magic and Medicine
Chapter 1: Manana's Song
As I sit and watch the ashes glow
Awaiting the hour my mind will sleep
My thoughts turn to a brighter day
Gone are the memories of yesterday
Lost in this haze of self sorrow
I prey to God my life will change
I prey for a new tomorrow.

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