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thewindsmThe Wind

I have been told by many, that is my strangest piece of work.  This maybe true, because it is a bit mystical and it's not the easiest poem in the world to understand; and yes it is long, but many seem to like it

Watch as it starts to grow
Forming from out of the earth
From every crack and pore it flows
From out of the ocean
So wide and blue
From out of the heavens
So cloudy and wild
From every rock and tree
Out flows the essence

See as it shapes into the wind,
Sense the awareness building inside it
Feel it begin to move
Gaining speed and strength
From all it touches
Its own power is driving
It onward
Over oceans and seas
It will find its way


Fishermen cross themselves as it draws near
They pray it will pass
And it does
Leaving their boats rocking
In a strange shadow
And gratefully they give collective sighs of relief
 And thank their different gods

Through the land it blows
Flowers and trees bow their fruits
Paying homage
To what only they can understand
Animals prick their ears
 And smell the air
Recognizing the power
That passes over them
It is seeking something
It searches among the fields and hills
Amidst the towns and cities of man
Its destiny to fulfil

 Here is a vision of nature
Ancient as the planet itself
Stranger then mortal man could imagine
Unable to reason
But aware of its purpose
Hush now people
Feel the planet vibrate
Feed on the energy it radiates
Know something that understands
 Neither evil nor good
Then let it enter and touch you

Alone standing on the sea-wall
There waits a man
Watching silver waves
Kissing the shore
Not knowing why he waits
Or what has driven him to embrace the sea
In all its glory
And onward blows the wind
Sensing that what it seeks is near
Its purpose to be fulfilled
Once more

A man in his youth
And foolish pride
A man with possessions, wealth and charm
And gifts of material life
But there’s a burning question
Within his mind
What are we?
And who am I? 

Now the wind will answer
As it rolls over the seawall
 It blows about him
Our hero turns to face it
 And embrace it.  
Then it strikes him to the bone
A wondrous warm sensual
- A Breadth of life -

 He is filled with visions
Of distant shores
Trees blowing lightly in
A tropical breeze
And water so blue like
- a summer sky -
Caressing the shimmering sands,
Causing their crystals to resonate
In musical harmony


His mind becomes a rushing sea
His blood a flowing river
And his soul is washed away
- Into the deep -
Swimming with countless waves of multi-coloured life
Bursting through into the sky
An eagle soaring high
Touching a heaven
We all seek to find

Then the heat now turns to cold,
Of artic gales and glaziers high
Where sheets of ice go floating by
And the wind leaves him
Once more a man who stands alone
Lost and lonely upon the shore
But now he knows what
- He came here for -

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