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R.I.P (Pages)

R.I.P. (pages)  Home of Ray's Internet Poetry.  It comprises of four areas described below.  I have populated each area with four poems that suit the themes, but registered members are encouraged to submit their own work for publication if they choose to do so.


General Snipbits

General Snip-bits is a section about writing and writing related subjects.  Eventually, I hope to populate it with a wider range of writing related subjects that will be of interest to anyone who loves the written word.


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The Write Links' is a list of Web sites dedicated to writers and artists. With over 1,000 excellent links for the literate (and the not so) literary minded. To make sure you can find the specific site you want, Literary Links has been sub-divided into a further 10 categories covering:    ...


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Step into the world of the Eagle & Dove and become a part of it.

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R.I.P (Pages)

bannerR.I.P. (pages)  Home of Ray's Internet Poetry.  It comprises of four areas described below.  I have populated each area with four poems that suit the themes, but registered members are encouraged to submit their own work for publication if they choose to do so.

All the poems used on these pages, have been selected from my book "Poems and a Wandering Philosophy ''  copies of which can be made available in either printed format or as an e-book which can be purchased on this site.&

This section is divided into foru categories which are described below:

Of War & Peace


'Ballad for the Dead'  Day by day we witness new wars, so this poem asks a few questions and asks you to remember that "War is the first step for the barbaric, and the last for the civilized." 


'Visions'  I wrote this in a hospital bed when recovering from a small war wound. It was then I started to think maybe love & peace were not such bad philosophies


'A New Day Dawns'  One of my first pieces of writing that dealt with the fear of nuclear holocaust that everyone thought was inevitable in the early seventies. 
atom-bomb 'A Childs Lament'  This poem also deals with nuclear weapons, but here I am looking at things from a completely new angle, that of the atomic bomb itself. Well, it's always best to look at all perspectives.


Of Love & Loss


 IMG4 'Naked Flame of Twilight'  This dates from the early eighties, and reflects upon a very traumatic period in my life, where despair and self pity came trough. But a good combination of words make it worth showing
 aswebreaksm 'Tomorrows Song' ' is an extract from the Eagle & Dove and based on a old traditional Gypsy song.  It's about heartache and loss and how to come to terms with it. 
 wintersm 'Lost Dedication' is for all the ones I have loved and lost myself.  During my travelling days, there were many people I met and grew to love on the road, this is for them.
 reflectionssm 'Reflections'  is an attempt to try and come to terms with the end of my life 'on the road',   After nearly twenty years of constant globetrotting, living free as an eagle is a dream few can realise, but inevitably reality must finally catch up. 

Of Philosophy & Folly 

 politico2 'Advice to a Friend' is basically for anyone thinking of becoming a politician. If that's you, then you had better read this - and who knows; it may just help!
 acceptornot 'Acceptance or not' Some of us thrive on diversity, others hate things to be changed or different. Whatever your personal preference, read this and decide for yourself what is right.
 r4thghtjpg 'Reason for Thought' This is an odd one I have thrown in for no other reason than to give you a few words to think about.
 signoftimes 'Sign of the Times' Nothing stands still, and the world keeps on turning. But do you know where your going? Do you like this change? Whatever our choices, we must adapt or die.

Of Life & Death

 riotssm 'A Modern Daydream' was written shortly after experiencing a street riot in London. It wasn't pretty, but it sums up how I feel about life in the city.
 hmefromseasmlll 'Home From the Sea' tells the story of a sailor returning from his journey. Only it's not quite as simple as that. I can only ask that you read on.
 nwwrldbrnsmll 'A New World Born' is both old and new. Taken from a poem I first wrote 20 odd years ago, it originally dealt with the after affects on this planet after a nuclear war. But I found it seemed more relevant to global warming and pollution See what you think?
 thewindsm 'The Wind' I have been told by many, that is my strangest piece of work. This maybe true, because it is a bit mystical and it's not the easiest poem in the world to understand; and yes it is long, but I like it

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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

The Eagle and Dove is the creation of Ray...
Eagle & Dove Pages

Eagle & Dove Pages

Welcome to the world of the Eagle & Dove...
R.I.P. (pages)

R.I.P. (pages)

Home of Ray's Internet Poetry.  It comprises...
General Snip-bits

General Snip-bits

General Snip-bits is a section that is...
Write Pages

Write Pages

The Write Links' is a list of Web sites dedicated...


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