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bannerThe Write Links' is a list of Web sites dedicated to writers and artists. With over 1,000 excellent links for the literate (and the not so) literary minded. To make sure you can find the specific site you want, Literary Links has been sub-divided into a further 10 categories covering:








  • Authors Sites
  • Dictionaries Thesauri & Quotes
  • Eclectic, poetry and the Arts
  • Getting The Write Help
  • General Writing Sites
  • Getting Published
  • Writing for Children
  • Writing Your Own Wages
  • Writing Rings     
  • Writing Resources

I am aware that there are most probably many I have missed, and if you know of any links you feel should be included, don't hesitate in sending them to me.. As for all the budding writers, what ever your field, hopefully you'll find a link to suit your particular needs.

To make life more interesting, I have also included: Wonderfully Weird Webs (if you have a good sense of humour; if you are mad, or if you think everyone is out to get you, then this page is for you). You will defiantly find some of the craziest links on the Net, many that would make good stories and articles by themselves.