. Ballad of the Eagles


Eagle and Dove - Ancient Friends and Foes

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golden eaglePART 2. Ancient friends and foes


Chapter 1: Ballad of the Eagles

( A traditional Gypsy song in praise of eagles, natures way and freedom )


Fly Eagle fly, take the sky
Let the wind wild and free,
feel your strength as you take the air
the king of grace, he has no care.

His life is wild and beauty great
The sky his realm and air his home
Let no man put chains on thee,
show the world that you are free.

Rising up in majestic glory
his wings are spread to feel the wind,
Free to be for all to see
he cries his song to the earth below,
While through his blood wild freedom flows.

As he sails the heavens high,
his shadow passing over the land,
Creatures tremble at his cries,
for the hunt is on, the Eagle flies.eagle in flight03

Down he'll streak upon his prey,
talons ripping, holding fast
The king of hunters takes his prize,
then back he rises to the skies.

Fly Eagle fly, show your beauty to the world
for in your heart and in your soul
Lies a love off all things free,
the Earth, the sky and nature's way
Free to be for all to see.