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bannerThe Eagle and Dove is the creation of Ray Baker and it has been (if the many emails I receive are anything to go by), a useful source where aspiring writers, or anyone interested in the written word can find useful information.

But the Eagle and Dove is not just about information, it's about writing, and writing itself should be fun and creative, a vehicle for expressing your ideas, fears and fantasies. So come into the world of the Eagle and Dove where you will find some of my own work, links to other excellent writing sites, and some surprisingly useful sources.

This site site has over 150 different pages divided into several different sections, so as you can imagine, there's a lot of messing around to get this site working properly. Despite that, I have sought to make it as easy to navigate as possible. I have changed the site from html to a Joomnla cms system as I find this is easier to control (thanks Joomla development team). Visitors should just click either the drop down navigation bar at the top of each page, any of the clearly marked hyperlinks on each page, Once you have entered your section, the links to all parts of this site are easily recognisable. So click your way around to your hearts content, and hopefully you should find what your looking for.

Update January 2015:

Works that need completing:

Eagle & Dove pages - The first three parts now online
I Quote pages - Still working on them
Buy & Sell pages: I'll leave it to the users.
Forums: Registered members can now start their own. (Click here to view)