Eagle and Dove - Myths, Magic and Medicine

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moonlightPart 3: Myths, Magic and Medicine
Chapter 1: Manana's Song
As I sit and watch the ashes glow
Awaiting the hour my mind will sleep
My thoughts turn to a brighter day
Gone are the memories of yesterday
Lost in this haze of self sorrow
I prey to God my life will change
I prey for a new tomorrow.
I have no one with whom to share
This feeling of a new world dawning
Just memories are all I own
And they are mine, my thoughts alone
Yet dreams I have these endless nights
But they too are full of sorrow
Let me have this emptiness
While I await my new tomorrow.
Take my heart and steal my soul
You can not end my torment
Waking nights to call your name
Then find my life is still the same
Empty and barren, lost without you
I'm living now on borrowed time
Remembering days you once were mine
If my dreams are not to be
And all my life I walk alone
If I find no love is there
For without your love my life is bare
I'll dream, I'll hope and love everyday
And prey tomorrow brings a better day.


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