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b5Welcome to the world of the Eagle & Dove

Step into the world of the Eagle and Dove.


For those who have not been here before, 'The Eagle & The Dove' is a story I have been researching and developing for over 20 years. The idea first originated during my travels through Southern France and the mountains of Andalusia in Spain.
Unfortunately, due to family and work commitments, I never seem to find the time to write as much as I would like, but despite all the interruptions, I am finally getting closer to finishing the work.

The Background

The Eagle & Dove is a story of love, loyalty, companionship and bravery, set in Spain and southern Europe in troublesome and dangerous times. Religious persecution of Jews, Gypsies and Muslims by the fanatics of the church left a trail of pain and shame that soiled the name of the God these zealots worshipped.

Gypsies, Eagles, the Spanish Inquisition, soldiers, mercenaries, farmers, lords and ladies are just some of the people you can meet in the world of the Eagle & Dove.
Introduction:  Here we are introduced to the region of Spain 'The Guadalquivir' where Legend has it that the story originated.  There is a description of the landscape as it stands today, along with general information concerning the valley and how it came about that I was inspired to write it.
Prolouge - The Beginning:  Introduction to one of the main characters and an event that will shape the future.
Part 1: Of those that will be free:  In the first part of the story, we are introduced to the Gpysies, their culture and way of life.  Gradually we come to meet some of the various people who make up this Romany group and discover that they are somehow intertwined with the Eagles.  We also meet the Gypsy child Manana who is to discover the injured Canana, thereby setting in motion the events that destroy a complete way of life.
Part 2:  Of ancient friends and foes: Part 2 is about the 'Great Eagles', what they are, their history in the valley of the Guadalquivir, their habitat, customs and physical make up.  We also get to know the individual eagles that make up the last of the 'Great Eagles' of the valley.
Part 3: Of myth, magic and medicineThis part deals with how the central characters meet and how the relationship develops between the Eagle and the Dove.  It also explains how the eagles and Gypsies are entwined by past events and how the destiny of both is unavoidable.
Part 4: Of the Eagle & Dove: The final part of the book covers the relationship between the Eagle & Dove, the tribulations they face and how a way of life for both Gypsies and Great Eagles is bought to a traumatic end.

Raptor Almanac

Ghosts of Spain

Rough guide to Andialucia

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The New Gypsies

Unrelated to the Roma, the new gypsies began in 1986 when a group of Post-Punk Anti-Thatcher protesters headed out of London into the English countryside. McKell followed these New Age Travellers to the West Country and over the years he watched them become a hybrid tribe - the new gypsies - present-day rural anarchists, living in elaborately decorated horse-drawn caravans. Known as Horsedrawn, the new gypsies share a desire for sustainability, a love of self-reliance and a disdain for the trappings of contemporary life.