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General Snip-bits is a section that is about writing, and writing related subjects. Eventually, I hope to populate it with a range of subjects that will be of interest to anyone who loves the written word.

 Currently there are three categories which include: Interesting Articles, Date with Destiny  and I Quote. They are all explained in more detail on their consequitice pages. If any members have any suggestions for new categories in this section, I will be only to pleased to receive them.

This will take time (excuse the pun).



'Date with destiny' is a calendar of dates and events, with an on-line hyperlink to a website covering the subject. I have covered every day between Jan 1st--dec 31st with at least one important event, so there should be something for anyone trying to write fillers or short articles. If members would like to supply dates with relevant hyperlinks, I'll be extremely grateful for the details.


With Interesting articles, I hope to touch on a wide range of topics that specifically deal with writing issues.  If members feel you can contribute, or would like to submit an article on a particular interest you may have, submit it and after review, It may well appear as an article here. Currently there are six articles appearing here, I hope soon there will be more.

and i quote

'I Quote' is a collection of my favourite quotes. They may not be yours, but if you've come this far I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Quotes are listed in alphabetical order by their authors and cover a wide selection of topics. I hope you enjoy them as I think they are all worth reading and remembering.  Where possible, I have included links to the authors profiles or website.