R.I.P (pages) - Of Love and Loss

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wintersmThis poem is for the special people I have loved and lost during my travelling days, many of whom I met and grew to love while on the road.  Reading this, you may even be one of them.


Lost Dedication


So here I sit and write a song

Dedicated only for you alone

Song after song I’ve written for you

Each word another piece of my heart


So I’ve crossed another land

Your beauty has kept me so strong

Oceans and desserts I’ve crossed for you

Each mile tearing my soul apart


Now I write this poem for you

Each verse for your ears alone

Many a poem I could write about you

Every verse torn from out of my heart


Where is she now?

Where did she go?

Where is the dream that we shared?

Where is the love that I’m searching for?

Where is our heaven on Earth?


So now my love, I have no more songs

No more can I travel alone

No poems for you can I write any more

For your love is no longer so strong.

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