b4td1Day by day as we witness new wars, this poem asks a few questions and asks you to remember that "War is the first step for the barbaric, and the last for the civilized."



I've looked but can not see them
Where are they Judy?
I've searched all I can
Where are they Ann?
The boys you played with - before they aged to be a man
Where are they Helen? Where are they Suzy?
The boys who wore that uniform
A soldier for to be

Do you remember, do you recall?
The Falklands, Korea, Vietnam
And all those other useless wars
Where the ones we loved
Began knocking on heavens door
Do we remember the laughing years?
Before we cried these lonely tears
Or is it all so painful now?
That we don't want to anyhow

For they can not smile
But can we truly forget them?
Who said they'd be back in a while
For our dead quietly lie
Sold out by nations
that watched them die
Sang songs and lamentations
Yet will not provide any compensation

Our politicians are the blindest fools
For as they sit and make the rules
They can not see the human tools
Who die in countless needless wars
And all the big strong men
Behind their bankers putrid flesh
Can you not see the suffering
Your greedy plans enmesh

How many war widows will it take?
To make a country quake
With fear to rip at every heart
For the lives of our young being torn apart
What does it take to make them see
That we're all there is, there'll ever be
So throw away our lives, our goals
For you've already sold our souls

For the dead and the brave
Have no everlasting grave
And Valhalla is only a mortal legend
But I ask the leaders and the few
Do our names mean anything to you?
You who let others fight -
Only to die in scores
As you build your weapons -
to stop more wars
Long after the fallen -
have fell no more


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