A Childs Lament


R.I.P (pages) - Of War and Peace

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atom-bombA childs Lament deals with nuclear weapons, but here I am looking at things from a completely new perspective, that of the atomic bomb itself. 

Well, it's always best to look at things from every side.


A Childs Lament


Oh come you young children

Yes come unto me

Come bow your sweet heads

with pain and misery

Oh come you young children

and cry out so loud

I’ve just bought your lives

With my mushroom cloud


Your fathers will scream

Your mothers will too

They’ll all prey to God

Yet no good will it do


I’m the one called the Bomb

I’m your sweet bitter end

I kill all the living

With the dust that I send


 Yet think you young children

and listen to me

This is the way they made me to be

I can’t help being evil

I can’t help being bad

I was made by mankind

Your mums and your dads.

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