Tomorrows Song


R.I.P (pages) - Of Love and Loss

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aswebreaksmIs an extract from my book 'The Eagle & Dove' and it is based on a old traditional Gypsy song. It's about heartache and loss and how to come to terms with it.



Tommorrows Song

As I sit and watch the ashes glow,

awaiting the hour my mind will sleep

My thoughts turn to a brighter day

Gone are the memories of yesterday,

lost in this haze of self sorrow

I prey to god my life will change

I prey for a new tomorrow


I have no one with whom to share,

this feeling of a new world dawning

Just memories are all I own

and they are mine, my thoughts alone

Yet dreams I have these endless nights

but they to are full of sorrow

Let me have this emptiness

I await a new tomorrow


Take my heart and steal my soul

you will not end this torment

Waking up to call your name

then find my bed is still the same

Empty and barren, lost without you

I'm living now on borrowed time

remembering days, you once were mine


If my dreams are not to be

and all my life I walk alone

If I find no love is there

without your love, my life is bare

Then all my days, I'll walk alone

I'll dream and hope and love you every day

And prey tomorrow brings another day.



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