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We all know there are some fascinating, wacky, weird and wonderful webs around. I have selected a few which I feel would appeal to most people, but then we all have a wide variety of tastes.




Admad (Ad Busters)    Cultural terrorist aiming to bring down the capitalist system.  Well you  can't knock their goals, but if their Website is any thing to go by, they have no chance.  But the spoof ads are humorous and thought provoking.


Americans for Cloning Elvis  It was bad enough with just one hamburger, pill popping singer.


Antichrist - (Satins Rapture)  Learn the name of the Anti-Christ and his plans for world dominion here. 


Annoyed?   Now this one is hot.  "Our intention is annoy, disturb or bother you in  such a way that displease, troubles or irritates."  So they tell you.  If  you have any politically correct tendencies, STAY AWAY.  There is not  a taboo these guys won't violate, but saying that, it's alive with frank thoughts and highly intelligent.  Only visit if you're not easily offended.





Bad Art For the Masses! Torture your sensibilities with dazzling examples of magnificent awfulness. The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) is the world's only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.




Ciclemakers.  create some lovely crop circles of your own to wind up the Sun and new Agers.


Conspiracy theories   By Miriam Joan Hill and Robert Anton Wilson.  They have collected 'proof' about JFK the shadow government, Scientology and various ethnic minorities.  They also got the dirt on the; Bank of America, Aspirin, Coca-Cola, and dead cows.  The link is to an e-book version of their book in 'pdf' format to either read or download.


Centre for the Easily Amused: At the end of the day, This is what the web is all about.  




Daily Outrage: Warning: These news items may cause your blood pressure to go up.


Death Clock  Welcome to the Mortuary, my place to share treats (and hopefully a few tricks) with all of you. Today we have a wonderful selection of treats including a Death Clock Screen Saver and the Personal


Drug Money Times Investigative Reporting into Drug Trafficking, 9/11 & Terrorism.   Find out how to hide your ill gotten gains from a government whose cameras can read the make of your designer clothes from space.



Easter Eggs Find all the hidden surprises in your software plus other related amusements.


Exploding Whale.  Take one beached dead whale, add half ton of dynamite and run.  Now watch it go wrong


Exploding Fruit if you not into seeing animals get it, try some fruit instead.





Find a Grave. This site is full of cranks, one of them has even photographed over 1,000 graves of  the famous and infamous.  While your there, you can even buy  the T-shirt.


Fortean Times.  Updates from the magazine which takes its news more seriously then we can ever take the mag!


Freaks, Geeks and Weirdo's online.  Are you a Steampunk in an electronic world? A Companion just waiting for the Doctor? A 15th level dwarven barbarian with no adventures planned? A creature of the night in a place where it's just too damned bright outside? In that case, Naperville Freaks, Geeks, and Weirdos is the place for you. It is intended to be a haven where the odd ones out can find themselves in, can share their non-mainstream interests, and help make the West Suburbs just a little bit more... strange.




Gorm the Wired Viking  Improve your age, get a Viking name, or create a wise-sounding Viking proverb.






Hamster Dance   This has got to be one of the stupidest and well know sites around; yet it's still funny!


Hate Web Ring: Whatever and whoever you hate, here they are!


How Weird You Really Are  A test to see how weird you are (my score was 137 with only 2% more weirder than me).






Ink blot test wallpaper  features a huge collection of some of the most interesting and bizarre ink-blot tests ever made, to be sold as wallpaper for your house!  Normally you would only find ink-blot tests in mental institutions, but this site has turned them into a fashionable way of decorating your house.


It's Only Rock'n Roll: But It Kills!  Find out how when you visit here





Jamming Scissors Repeatedly Into Your Crotch: Helpful tips and tricks on how to inflict all sorts of self abuse!.


Jackalope Conspiracy Proof of a cover up more frightening than Roswell, more eerie than the Loch ness Monster.


Jobhater  Revenge stories, Stupid Boss Quote of the Day and other job hate related rantings!.







Kitchen Killers   The Daily Mail, a bastion of right wing newspaper reporting has an article on how many normal kitchen items can kill you.  Well done.




Lyndon LaRouche A conspiracy theorist for nearly 50 years, and he sees his latest federal criminal conviction as proof that he's more than qualified to be President of the U.S. 


Loch Ness Monster  Nessie is so famous she has a site all of her own.  She even comes Online to check it out..




Madison the physic Cat   Nastier than Socks and lazier than Garfield, Madison is a psychic cat, a feline friend who looks into the future and predicts what's going to happen next. All you have to do is ask.


Make Your Own Conspiracy Theory Since the media are controlled by journalists, who are in turn controlled by the government, why not create your own conspiracy theory at this site and sell it to the newspapers..







News Of the Weird.    Little snippets of news gleaned from all over the globe. Both the freakishly bizarre and the downright disgusting.


Nerd Spotlight  A tribute to all that creative eccentricity on there on the Wonderfully Weird Webs.


National Enquirer  Twin aliens give birth to cross-dressing baby during volcanic eruption!  And similar news stories; and it all true! 







Passing Twice This ones for gay people who stutter. Surf on over if your gay and stutter and meet some potential mates. Disclaimer:  No offense to gay people is meant by linking this website.


Patently Absurd: A leash for walking an imaginary dog? See this and other weird inventions submitted to the UK Patent Office.


Pointless website.  Thet aim to list only pointless and useless sites that are completely pointless, don't have pop ads, are original, are useless, are not offensive and most of all make you smile - family friendly fun.






Obnoxious in French: Bonne Chance, mes cretins is just one of the useful phrases found here!.





Rapture Index: Todd Strandberg's has formulated his own standardized measurements for predicting the end of the world.


Rotten.Com: The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience.  Have you had the fortune to visit this site?  If the answer is no, do it now. Some may say that it is probably more sick than weird, but I find it fascinating.






Satanic Network  Black, red, and sulphur accompanies this fairly typical site.  It would be nice to se a light pastel color scheme instead of that same old dark drab.


Scan Your Cat  This one, although morally questionable and ethically dubious, it is also idiotically funny.  I especially like the 'Hate Mail' section.


Schwa Co'  "Responsible for 37.15% of new ideas being generated in the world  today," so they tell you.  But then they go and spoil it by saying they get their ideas from aliens.


Secret Societies: A gateway to websites tell you all you need to know about the secret societies that are running the earth!


Similarities Between Elvis and Jesus: Jesus walked on water, while Elvis was flying high.


Sulabh International Museum of Toilets I'm sure many people would like to pay this place a visit!







Transgendered Christians: The Queer Theology website (it's true, that is the name of the website), has an interesting take on transgender Christians.  This could be the salvation for the man or woman who's not sure!


Tasty Insect Recipes  You'll be surprised just how many insects end up on the menu!





Universal Life Church  It may be viewed with suspicion, skepticism, or outright mockery but the world's first mail-order church takes itself very serious.


Urine therapy Think of something you really wouldn't want to do with urine, and that's exactly what the people here call "therapy". They also have a Urifun project, promoting urine therapy through different artistic activities.  They're taking the proverbial piss


Useless WWW Pages  The Useless Web... because some websites, we just couldn't do without.  Click the button and be prepared for the useless.





Vampires  Travel the 'Pathway to Darkness' Site and you can find out how to use that garlic in the kitcheb.


Voluntary Human Extinction Movement These guys hope to live long enough to see it happen..


Vomitus Maximus Museum: They must be sick to have a name like that.





World's worst films.   This is where you can find the films that were so awful, they're  brilliant.


Wacky News.  Unbelievably odd, but True!, News Clips from around the world. Updated weekly on the Daily Telegraph site..










To all the people who have sent me abusive mail because they didn't like the commentary, or some of the links, get a life.

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