1. Ballad of the Eagle and the Dove


Eagle and Dove - Of the Eagle & Dove

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animated eaglePart 4:  Of the Eagle & Dove


Chapter 1:  Ballad of the Eagle & Dove

Mystical valley, how still you now lie
Your river runs deep, with the tears you have cried.
What beauty and sadness lies buried within
Magical valley - what songs can you sing.

Tell me the story of a young Gypsy child
Who played in this valley and ran oh so wild
Tell me the legend, of an eagle in the sky
How did the two meet? How did the two die?

Beautiful valley, with your secrets so deep
Do the eagles still fly? Do the Gypsies still weep?
What happened in this valley such a long time ago?
Or is the shame still so great, that we never will know?

They say that an eagle still flies high above
Calling for the child - one he did love
Legend tells that the eagle and child are now one
Soaring together - the eagle and dove.

Enchanted valley why are you so still?
I would just hear your story, I bear you no ill
The river can not wash the blood of the past
Tell us your mystery - share it at last.

Some say the eagle and dove still do fly
When all is so quiet, we may just hear their cry
Like lovers from a romance, doomed by their fatedove2
Tell us your secret - or is it to late?