City of Illusion

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cityof illusionsmCity of Illusion is all about that what we dream of finding, but never do.  Call it heaven, Nirvana or El-Dorado, call it what you will, just don't let your imagination let it go.

City of Illusion

There is a city on a plain
Somewhere down south
Maybe Mexico way
It caters for the fantasies
Each of us posses
It’s a city of illusion
Put to the test
Time and time again

It’s a city called Heaven…..

Yet the city only exists
Within a persons mind
As a last resort
A final haven of peace
And without complete belief
It wouldn’t be there
For all to see

Just you go on dreaming then
Do not shake your thoughts
Nor let your dreams crumble
Or you will find your city
Become an illusion within itself
Then all your flights of fantasy
Will have nowhere left to rest

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Marlos, Wales


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