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r4thghtjpgReason For Thought

This is an odd one I have thrown in for no other reason than to give you a few words to think about.


 Why do I listen, yet ever hear
Why do I look, yet  never see?
Why can I think, without being thoughtful?
My mind is a faulty door
Neither open or closed
But stuck, slightly ajar
Allowing only a little in
Allowing only a little out
They say it's only human
This I can not doubt

Philosophers may think they understand
The meaning of life and the universe
Even the complexities of the mind
But they are the blindest fools
For they only understand what they want to know
Using their knowledge as tools of self satisfaction
Leaving us to fill the gaps and question marks along our way
They to are only human

What is life, but to be blinded by our wisdom
Silenced by our ignorance
We are all only human
Yet one day, we will learn
One day, we must surly see the way.

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