R.I.P (pages) - Of War and Peace

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Many years ago, I was caught in a military conflict, in which I received an injury. As I lay in my hospital bed, I had time to think things through, and like many before me, I realized that love & peace where much healthier philosophies than war and strife. This poem originated from that soul searching time.


I sat in a field where a small stream flowed by
I lay down to rest, my head to the sky
I dreamt I was riding in a chariot of light,
Angels were singing in my vision so bright

I saw the world peaceful and the sky was so clear
God looked down smiling and washed away all my fears
I dreamt of my homeland, my children, my wife
All of the good things I remembered in life
If this is heaven I hope it won't end
if it's a dream my heart will not mend

I awoke in my green field to the sound of a shell
My vision was gone I was back in my hell
I'm here in this strange land I'm fighting a war
There's death and destruction
But why? And what for?

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