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lin button3This page contains links to general writing sites. There are thousands of general sites, and it is really not possible to list them all (at least not yet). But this list will be added to at every opportunity. Like the other 'Write Links' pages, if the link you are looking for is not here, then one of the resources below will defiantly have it.

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Aesthetica is a literary magazine based in York, UK. The magazine was initially started in order to promote creativity, equality and diversity within the literary arts in and around the York area, but its focus - and intended audience - have since become much wider.


Atlantic Monthly's Post and Riposte One of the forums is devoted to a Writers Workshop.


Cyberoasis Literary writing at its finest.  Check out some excellent work at the cyberoasis.

Defenestrationmag is an online literary magazine that publishes anything and everything in the humor genre.  It accepts submissions for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art and essay. Please go to our website to view the full set of submission guidelines

Free Stories Centre was created for all levels of writers and readers. You can be a professional writer or just a beginner and still submit your work here. Your work doesn't even have to be complete. Your work will then be available to anyone on the internet. This is especially great for writers that are seeking exposure. If you are lucky, a publisher may contact you and pay you for your work! Keep writing and your hard work may just pay off!

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction started life as a quarterly magazine titled The Magazine of Fantasy. It is a magazine with a long history in the science fiction genre that continues to be exemplary place source and find out info about any magazine.

Free Style Literature  A website for writers, thinkers, dreamers, and their writing. A place for inspiration and expression. A place to share ideas, thoughts, and moods. A place to escape. A place with no boundaries. ????

Frustrated Writers Society Another UK site aiming at those yet to be published.  Again, some good info, market tips and helpful links are available, along with an informative newsletter.

For Writers Only  is a excellent site with an extensive list of resources for writers. It is well organized and is easy to navigate.

InkspotOne of the top writing sites on the net.  Resources. tips, links and classes on all aspects of writing, especially the children's market with info on workshops, agents, books and clipart.

Literature Online's Writer-in-Residence Includes a forum in which participants can critique each other's work, and each week the writer-in-residence critiques one of the poems posted in this forum.

Novel Workshop The Novel Workshop provides an email discussion and critique group, the "Newbie Novelists" workshop for beginning novelists, and "Fiction Fix" newsletter, on the art of better fiction writing. All services are currently free.

On-Line Writery: Forums for both poetry and fiction, devoted mostly to workshop-style feedback on original writing. Sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Pif Magazine: Here's an excellent on-line magazine with a high standard of writing.  Check them out.

Poets & Writers Magazine is the web version of the bi-monthly magazine with a circulation of 58,000.

Poets & Writers Speakeasy: This discussion forum includes a conference called "Your Writing," which is devoted to an informal workshop for poetry, fiction, and essays.

Poetry Society of America Poetry Workshop: Revamped  website says all about one of the biggest poetry groups in the world.

Public Safety Writers ClubA site designed to assist law enforcement officers, active or retired, in their quest to market police-related articles and stories. Guidance for the actual mechanics of writing, publishing info and newsletter are available. A great place of support for police story writers.

Proof Positive: Proof Positive is a meeting place for freelance writers and photographers. You will find contests, events, market listings, links, articles, software, books and a free E-zine. 

Publishers Lunch: Daily news and opinionated editorials on the publishing industry.

Quantum Muse: An excellent site whose goals are 'to provide the discriminating reader with the best fantasy and science fiction literature and art obtainable without spending most of our beer money.  Committed to providing aspiring writers and artists with a free and open forum for expression, and do their best to run a respectable site'.

The Quill  An extensive resource centre for beginning writers. Includes associations, publishers, articles, contests, interviews, market info, and more. The site features its own monthly writing contest and a regular column entitled Writer/Author, a light-hearted look at the writing life.

Real Literature Literature is an excellent resource site for author biographies and information on authors - our site is the Reader's Ultimate Resource for Published Authors.  You can browse the alphabetical list of authors.  See the Biography picture and read Literary work of the eminent authors by clicking on their name.

Rejection CollectionSo you think you're the only one who has piles of rejection letters? Rejection Collection is a place for artists and writers to share their rejections and misery online.

Scribe & Quill  offers articles, links, yearly writing contest, online workshops, and free mailing list for writers of all genres. Beginners, intermediates and professionals welcome

Scribal Tales is A fantasy, science fiction, horror and hybrid e-zine featuring short stories, artwork and more. 

The Shallow End E-zine of Fiction, poetry, essay and art.  Some writing, painting and literature at its best.

U.K. Writers Here's a new site that has some informative work.  Run by Kye Vanglow from Writing News, British Writing trade magazine.

Writers and Editors Amazing amount of information about writing in all genres, publishing and anything else you can think of related to the written word.

Writing NowOne of the best for what's happening in the writing world, good articles, good tips and an impressive links page.

Writers Digest Awide range of information with some brilliant links. 

Writers Write "Writers guidelines to online publications, writing and publishing news updated on weekdays, message boards, job listings and more."

Write Connection Short stories, poetry, essays and fan fiction, all await the reader inside.

Whacky Writers World  Here's a new one I've just located and in their own word "The purpose of this page is to share links and tips related to writing -  the craft of writing, the business of writing, and other topics of interest to writers and the writing process."

Writer's Haven  Offering critiques, chats, resources, and a online community . Writer's Haven is proud to have new and established writers from around the world. 

New World If you have a novel on paper or disc, you hope to be published, you have never been published, you've been rejected elsewhere, or have been shoved into some editor's slush pile waiting for a reading; Then NEW WRITER'S WORLD may be for you

Writer's Forums Forums devoted to critiques of many genres of writing, including poetry and fiction. Run jointly by Inkspot and The Writer's BBS.

Writers' Village University Most of the courses offered are fee-based, but a few are free.

Writers World.  A site full of useful tips, links and articles designed to help you get published.

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