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Eclectic21The links in Eclectic, Arts & Poetry should hopefully let you find some interesting sites that may appeal to your creative genes. I have combined the three as I believe they are all methods of expressing oneself through creative thought as explained by the graphic image on the left.

Eventually, all three will have their own page, and as usual, all links to good sites will be welcome.

The links below open in 'Pop-up' windows, so please allow your browser to accept pop-ups for this site.

100 Trillion Haiku 100 Trillion Haiku. An online haiku generator - good for a bit if fun!

A Poetry Free-for-all with a wide range of open forums where experienced and aspiring poets may submit their poetry for critical commentary and discussion.

Aha Poetry lets you post your poems and get instant poetry gratification with Ann Cantelow's Interactive Poetry Invention. Find books and magazines on, about, or of poetry. Advertise your book or books.

Allexperts Poetry Q&A some veteran poets answer your detailed one-on-one questions about writing poetry for free.


Anvil Press Anvil Press is the longest-standing independent poetry publisher in England.

Ariadne's Poetry Web is about the craft of poetry creation (particularly through leverage and adaptation of classical forms and techniques) and how to find poetry publisher. Free exercises and tutorials.

BellaOnline: Poetry. Articles, links and discussion about writing and enjoying poetry.

Bircham-artsThe Bircham Arts gallery is a work of art in itself.  Featuring work from acclaimed artists, sculptors, photographers, glass blowers and more.  Interesting sections on all aspects of art.  Well worth a visit.


Cheeky Maggot Theatre Cheeky Maggot Theatre is a young, vibrant company run by two female graduates from RADA.  Their aim being to promote and produce innovative and fearless writing for the stage that is a break from the main stream. Giving the writer more say in how their work is produced and the actors a real chance to help with the fine tuning of a new script.  Check out their site for more details on courses and events.

Electronic Poetry Review A journal dedicated to publishing experimental and more traditionally formal poetry, as well as interviews, essays on poetics, and book reviews.

Eratosphere Poetry Online Workshops has workshops, poetry forums and message boards for the post and critique of poetry at Able Muse

For Poets and Readers of Poetry.  An introduction to the elements of poetry and to the techniques of poetic interpretation, for those who love to read and write poetry, but who sometimes find it intimidating or hard to understand.

Glossary of Poetic Terms An online resource for poetry writers.

History of Haiku.  Another Japanese site providing a history of 10 haiku poets from the 15th century to the present day along with examples of their work.

Hangtide Poetry Resources is a directory of online resources for poetry writers and publishers.

League of Canadian Poets is Canada's national organization serving professionally published and practising poets.


Moontown Cafe features contests, forums, ratings and resources.

National Poetry Month is a glossary of poetry terms, biographies of notable poets, poetry for the seasons, poetry awards.

Online Poetry Publishers lists email contacts for poetry publishers and indicates whether they are willing to receive manuscripts submitted electronically.

Pathetic Poetry Society despite its name has forums, contests and other resources for poets in this online community.

Poetry comPoetry com has a comprehensive alphabetical Directory of Poets.

Poetry Book Society  is a membership organisation which exists to keep people all over the world up to date with the best new English language poetry being published in the UK and Ireland today.

Poetry Daily has poetry news, links, and other resources on this not-for-profit site.


Poetry Express is an interactive site featuring activities and advice for making, sharing, revising, and editing poems. Highlights include e-muse, a poetry generator, and 15 poems you can write now.


Poetry London  is an online poetry magazine, bringing you poems, reviews, features and listings.

Poetry Magazine is the website of the International Digest of World Poetry. Featuring 30+ new poets every month. Each edition contains poetry from classic poets and new poets alike. Spoken word poetry is also available in RealAudio.

Poetry Resource has also a comprehensive resource for poets and lovers of poetry with poems by the webmaster, Patrick Martin.

Poetry Society is the website of the Poetry society with news of events and competitions listed.

Poetry Super Highway is another major resource for online poets and writers featuring many categorized links to poetry and writing related webs.  They also feature poets online each week, and all past works and poets are archived online. A poetry chat room. Contests. Poetry Classifieds, and a bookstore.


Poetry Talk is another forum for exchange. Read poems, post some poems. also containing tips and information.

Poetry MagazinePoetry Magazine is as it says; an online poetry magazine.


Poets & Writers  (P&W) believes in literature's fundamental contribution to contemporary culture. For the past 30 years, P&W has focused on the source of literature, providing support and exposure to writers at all stages in their development. P&W assists authors in their search for career-related information, outlets for their work, opportunities for professional advancement and community with other writers. is the site of: Poetry Daily an anthology of contemporary poetry that each day brings readers a new poem from books, magazines and journals currently in print, along with information about featured poets and publishers, news from the poetry world, and occasional special features.


Poetry Power has tips for poetry writing and publishing. Free software for poets. is the poetry society of the UK.  Full of goodies, tips, hints and links to the best of UK poetry.

Poetry Society Organisation is the USA's site for their Poetry Society. 


Poetry flash In the spirit of Brazilian string poets who ply their trade in markets with their poetry chapbooks slung across their stalls, the Peoples Poetry gathering stretches a clothesline of poems from around the world.

Salmon Publishing Ltd is one of Ireland's main literary publishers. Salmon specializes in contemporary poetry. Their website contains thorough information about the real world of poetry publishing -- with an Advice for Writers page, a Publisher's Diary, and a Poetry Forum.

So You Wanna Publish your Poetry. The process of publishing your poems, from finding the appropriate venue to signing the appropriate releases.

Sundance Creativity Guide for Poets  Dedicated to new and aspiring poets, this site will help you find publishers, contests and workshops on the web, understand how to submit your poems and polish your work, and points to the best Usenet groups, books and magazines for poets.

Twentieth-century Poetry in English Professor Eiichi Hishikawa provides a comprehensive list of Twentieth-century Poetry

Write Express Online Rhyming Dictionary. Capable of searching for end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, beginning rhymes, and first syllable rhymes.


Toolkit for Poets. Links to sites specially selected to be useful to the practicing poet who wishes to write well and be published.

Words Dance is a hot-blooded storybook of the mind's eye.  We are a online quarterly that accepts poetry, prose and art through online and email submissions only.

World Congress of Poets Sydney 2001 World Congress of Poets Sydney 2001 is a showcase for the XXI World Congress of Poets held in Sydney; in 2001. Featuring the many voices of Australian poetry with poets from around the world.

Writers Write Poetry an online poetry resource with chat, message boards, links to poetry resources, poetry literature and poetry books.

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