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LawBookssmThis page contains links to authors and their sites. There are thousands of authors on the Web, and again, it is not possible to list them all (at least not yet). If you are a published or unpublished author, send me your URL and I'm sure we can find a home for you here. Like on other pages, this list will be added to at every opportunity. If links are broken, let me know and I will fix where possible..

Abbey Lynn Abbey Lynn is the author of is diverse titles as Thieves World and many many others, including, of late, books published by both Wizards of the Coast and Daw. Check out her web page for the latest on what is happening in her quite prolific writing career.

Ackerman, Forrest J.  is the place to find out more about the originator of the term 'SCI FI'

Andrea LowneFounder of the excellent UK Authors site, has her own homepage here.  Well worth a visit

Amis, Martin.  Website with all the works of Martin Amiss, excerpts, interviews and much more.  If your a fan of his, it's well worth looking at.


Anthony, Piers.The Official Website is probably the first place to look for information on this most punishing of fantasy writers. There are other sites devoted to Piers Anthony, such as the Complete Piers Anthony which is a fan site that pays homage to this inventive fantasy writer.


Asimov, Isaac.Home page is an interesting compendium of resources about this grand old master of the science fiction genre.


Asprin, Robertwhose home page is an extensive bibliography of his works with individual pages displaying cover art and details about each of the books. For those who have long enjoyed his Myth Books and other offerings, this is a good place to check out

Atwood, Margaret, is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, and environmental activist. She is a winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Prince of Asturias Award for Literature, has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize five times, winning once, and has been a finalist for the Governor General's Award several times, winning twice.

Austen, Jane Info Pagehas a very active and growing site showing the popularity of this author


Ballard J.G. The definitive website for information about British writer. If you want a site to explore about this most prolific and exemplary author, this is a place to begin.


Borges, Jorge Luis  Center for Studies and Documentation. The Borges Center, the most important site for work on the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), moved from the University of Aarhus (Denmark) to the University of Iowa in 2005, and has now moved to the University of Pittsburgh, where its director, Daniel Balderston, has been Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Modern Languages since 2008. 


Bowles, Paul.  The official Web site for Paul Bowles, expatriate writer, composer and traveler who lived 52 years in Tangier, Morocco. His most famous novel is The Sheltering Sky, filmed by Bertolucci. The contents includes a Paul Bowles biography and another on Paul Bowles, as composer.

Brodsky, Joseph. Poems in English and Russian:


Burroughs, William S.  William S. Burroughs was a Beat Generation writer known for his startling, nontraditional accounts of drug culture, most famously in the book Naked Lunch. Full bio here.

Barker, Clive.  Lost souls website says it all.  Come and meet the brilliant Clive Barker, if you haven't read him; YOU SHOULD!!!!

Bishop, Michaell. Bishop, Michaell. His website also contains a Bibliography about the prolific writer of thought provoking fiction.  

Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Motes and Quotesis a fan run page for this classic pulp SF and fantasy writer who wrote such classics as Tarzan and Jane, Journey to the centre of the earth; etcCarroll, LewisCarroll is well known throughout the world as the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Behind the famous pseudonym was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a mathematical lecturer at Oxford University with remarkably diverse talents.

CervantesOne of Spain's most famous writers, Miguel de Cervantes created one of the world's greatest literary masterpieces, Don Quixote, in the early 1600s. Besides this work, you cab find images and bibliographies at the Cervantes 2001 Project

Childs LeeJim Grant, better known by his pen name Lee Child, is a British thriller writer. His first novel, Killing Floor, won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel.  Now I do not think there is anyone on the planet who has not heard of his 'Jack Reacher' creation.


Clarke, Arthur C. The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation regards Sir Arthur's work as an unparalleled synthesis of science, literature, and social concern. History will list him among the few whose insights ranged most broadly in our comprehension of the universe we live in, the way we live in it, and the responsibility we have to improve our world


Coonts, Stephen is a action adventure writer with emphasis on aviation and war stories.


Conrad, Joseph. Writer of Heart of Darkness and 'The Secret Agent' among many other excellent books.


Dickens. Charles  A comprehensive page on all things about Charles Dickens in the Dickens Society pages.

Eddings, David and Leigh have a great site to explore  If you are not aware of these best selling fantasy authors I recommend among others that you check out the Belgariad which includes 'The Pawn of Prophecy', Queen of Sorcery', 'Magicians Gambit',  'Castle of Wizard' and 'Enchanters Endgame. Beyond this they have written in the Mallorean series and others. Their most recent offerings include 'Belgarath the Sorcerer' and 'Polgarra the Sorceress'.

Electronic Beowulflf: Award winning pages! (Yes, this should be under Anonymous, but I don't like that for a writers name)

Eliot, T. S.   His poems in many respects articulated the disillusionment of a younger post World War I generation with the values and conventions both literary and social of the Victorian era


Faulkner, William: Information, bio and comments.  


Glick, Ruth h writes as Rebecca York and is a  writer of other romance novels, cookbooks and more. If you like romantic eating, check out her web site.


Gonzalez, J. F.  is the author of three horror novels: Clickers, Conversion, and Shapeshifterm, he writes short fiction stories.  Check out the web site for details.

Grisham, John is the website where you can find out more about this consummate teller of the tales about lawyers and law. His novels include 'Time To Kill to Kill,' 'The Firm,' 'The Testament' and many more. A annual supplier of a new novels, his many avid fans will find plenty of info about him here.


Heller, Joseph, What can be said about the Great Heller? Apparently loads.  Check out these pages about the man who brought us 'Catch 22', and other great books.

Hemmingway, Earnest. Love him or hate him he was still a great writer. This website is a link to a house he lived in when in Florida.  Usual exploitation of Hemingway by the house owners, but it is very informative about all things Hemmingway.


Frank, Herbert,There are a host of sites relating to this phenomenally successful writer and his brilliant Dune seriesThe following are just some of many:  Usul's Homepage is a good resource and has a wealth of links to Dune related pages. Also worth looking at are; remembrances of his grandson in a posted article and the official Dune web site


Huxley, Aldoushis website is a tribute to the rebel against the uniform and the collective this master of speculative fiction such as 'Brave New World' .


Jasmine Maddock. Surrealist Jasminist and stuckist artist, model and outsider visionary, full member of DACS, cat lover, fairies, described as genius, the best and most gifted artist he has ever seen by Charles Moffat of the Lilith Gallery Canada.


Joycece, James:  Info and commentary about this writer. James Joyce in Cyberspace is also a very good resource of his works, while James Joyce - The Brazen Head claims to be the Web's largest and most comprehensive general resource site for James Joyce.


Johnson, Samuel was born in 1709 in Lichfield, Staffordshire. The son of a bookseller, he rose to become one of the greatest literary figures of the eighteenth century, most famously compiling A Dictionary of the English Language.

Jordan, Robert is the best selling author of the fantastic 'Wheel of Time' books.  There are a wealth of web sites that deal with the Wheel of Time, and to get a taste of this extraordinary series, check it out. Also check out Dragonmount an online community with interest in all aspects of the series.


Kafka FranzThis multilingual page is also intended to give scholars and Kafka fans a virtual forum to share opinions, essays and translations. Every detail of Kafka's world will find its place in this site, which aims to become the central hub for all Kafka-interested users.


Kirk, Phillip K is the author of the classic 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' (filmed as Bladerunner). Although he is now deceased, this site should give you lots of information about him.


King, Stephenhas an official web site where you can explore all aspects of this most successful writer of horror and speculative fiction


Lewis, C.S.The official website for C. S. Lewis. Browse a complete collection of his books, sign up for a monthly enewsletter, find additional resources, and more. There are a host of sites dedicated to him and his Narnia books.  Here are a few more: Into the Wardrobe: The C.S. Lewis WWW Page', 'C.S.Lewis and the Inklings Web Site' and The Land of Narnia.


Levy, Janice is a writer of very good children's picture books, and her impressive work can be found at her own website.


Lint, Charles de is the official web presence for this extraordinary talent whose mystic tales urban fantasies have delighted fans everywhere.

Mailer, Norman Information on this great American writer and poet can be found here.


Mann, ThomasGerman essayist, cultural critic, and novelist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929.

McDermid, Val. Official site features information about the author and her books, news, photos, reviews, interviews, and message forum.

Miller, Henry: This is the uunofficial  Home Page for Henry Miller.

Milton, John.  The Milton-L Home Page is devoted to the life, literature and times of the poet John Milton. On this site you will find links to web resources, information about upcoming events, and information on recently published works of interest to Milton scholars and students.

Navarro, Yvonne is the website for Yvonne Navarro, a writer and illustrator of the dark side.  This website has some interesting twists and turns.

Newton, Steven Marshall ,is a Novelist; Short Story Writer; Poet; Lyricist and a talented all rounder with the arts.  Check out his home page to see the depth and variation of his work.

Nicholson, Peter is an Australian poet who has had three books of poetry published. A Temporary Grace (1991), Such Sweet Thunder (1994) and A Dwelling Place (1997).

Norris, Robert W. is a Japanese based American author who has two expatriate novels to his credit, 'Toraware' and 'Looking for the Summer'.  A conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, he was court marshalled and spent time in prison.  Currently he is an associate professor of English at Fukuoka International University.


Okri, Ben   A great African writer of The Famished Road and others.   If you like this African writer (and I do), check out his work.


O'Steen, Joseph L  is the author of Beauchamp Of the Royal Navy Series.  If you like sea yarns in the tradition of Hornblower, this is the place to go.


Plato; the Sophist:The full works presented a very nice hypertext format

Proust Said That.  Many sayings and the works of Proust.


Plante, Brain is the published author of a variety of short stories in Analog, Amazing Stories, Pulp Eternity, and Pirate Writings as well as being a Writers of the Future winner.


Pratchett, Terry. The L-Spac Web contains all things on the Web to be had about Pratchette and his very twisted worldview as exemplified in his much loved Discworld Series.

Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevic:  Some scholars say that Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin  single-handedly created modern Russian literature. Literary primogenitor or not, his work tackles everything: from the ennui of an aristocratic life to the simple joys of the common people of his beloved Russia.

Rowlings, J K. Joanne "Jo" Rowling, OBE FRSL, pen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.

Rich, Sue is the author of many historical romances including 'Jade,' Velvet' and 'Amber.Other titles include 'Scarlet Temptress' and 'Shadowed Vows.'

 Robbins, Tom  and his 'Afterlife' site is the perfect place to find out about Tom Robbins. If you haven't read 'Another Roadside Attraction', go here to find out why you should.

Rushdie, Salman has angered and delighted people worldwide with his writing.  Find out why at this site.


Salinger J.D.  With his landmark novel Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger was an influential 20th-century American writer.  All Salinger fans will love this site.


Sagan, Carl his website carry's his legacy of the presenter of ' Cosmos' host, writer of Contact and a scientist who had a great love of science. Included are links to other sites both about Sagan.

Silverberg, Robert; has a site here and it's where you should go to find out everything you would like to know about this great writer.


Shakespeare Homepage. Great site to study and find out about the great bard.

Spenser, Edmund  was an English poet best known for The Faerie Queene, an epic poem and fantastical allegory celebrating the Tudor dynasty and Elizabeth I. He is recognised as one of the premier craftsmen of Modern English verse in its infancy, and one of the greatest poets in the English language


Swift, Jonathon:  Jonathan Swift. Biography of Jonathan Swift and a searchable collection of works. A great set of pages, dedicated to to study of Jonathan Swift and Gullivers Travels.


Thomas Dylan:  Dylan Marlais Thomas was a Welsh poet and writer who wrote exclusively in English. In addition to poetry, he wrote short stories and scripts for film and radio.  The great Welshman's tribute can be found here.


Thorne, Tony MBE:  Was originally qualified as a Chartered Design Engineer and created a pioneering British company specialising in Applied Physics products. He was subsequently awarded an MBE, by the Queen, for developments in low temperature (cryo)surgical instruments as well as high temperature graphite processing furnaces.  He has also written technical reports and papers for several publications and conferences, and has held patents in such varied subjects as nuclear protection equipment, very high temperature processing, and microbiological analysis equipment. However his main hobby has always been writing science fiction, humour, and performance poetry ... as summarised on his website.


Tolkien J.R.R.Information Page for the Society. As to be expected, there are many Tolin sites on the net. Some of the best are: The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page  a comprehensive Wiki site about Tolkien and his work.  Another site well worth checking out if you are interested in the Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien is  'The Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project: FMI Publishing'.  Also check out; 'Planet Tolkien' which claims to be the UK's largest resource for J.R.R. Tolkien literature discussion and fan information


Tolstoy, LeoRussian novelist who wrote Warand Peace (1863-69) and Anna Karenina (1873-77.)  See also The Gutenberg Collection which has a large selection of stories by Leo Tolstoy, written between 1872 and 1903.

 Twain, Mark.  Pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, US writer. He established his reputation with the comic masterpiece The Innocents Abroad 1869 and two classic American novels, in dialect, 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' 1876 and 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' 1885. He also wrote satire, as in 'A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court' 1889. He is recognized as one of America's finest and most characteristic writers.

Turtledove, Harryis the place to find information about this most prolific writer, whose forte is the parallel history genre.


Vonnegut, Kurt.  This is the site to learn more about this irascible and always innovative author of such fascinating stories such as 'Slaughterhouse Five' and 'Breakfast Of Champions.'

Williams, Tad  exploded into our reader consciousness with Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. Since then his pen never seems to have stopped.  Discover more about this and his latest works on his web site.


Wilde, Oscar  Find out more about the witty Irishman at official Oscar Wilde website.  Or read his poems at Poems of Oscar Wilde A 'Picture of Dorian Gray' is an online version of his only book, while other work can be found at Short fiction of Oscar Wilde

Yeats, William Butler  rish poet, dramatist, and scholar. He was a leader of the Irish literary revival and a founder of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin


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