A new day dawns

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andawnsjpgDuring the early seventies, the threat of nuclear war was an excepted reality. When I left school and joined the military, I honestly believed that a holocaust was inevitable. At16 years old,  'A new day dawning' was the first time I used verse to express my fears.

 A new day dawns

The sun that rose above the hill
Looked upon the Earth with fiery ill
He saw what man had done at last
He saw the shapes of things gone by
he saw the world lay down and die

You fools he screamed above the wind
You deserve to die for this great sin
He cried for children never born
He cried for peace, a simple word
He cried for love, what no man had
He cried for man, his tears were sad

The sun that rose that fateful day
Would no more see the children play
For Man the God in his great pride
Let Man the God call the tune
Now, Man, the God is dead too soon

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Marlos, Wales


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