Sign of the times

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signoftimesNothing stands still, and the world keeps on turning. But do you know where your going? Do you like this change? Whatever our choices, we must adapt or die.







Morning is here, the night has slipped by

Already the sun is bright in the sky.

Headlines in the paper, scream another death today

Somebody else won't see the sun again

It seems these last few years gone by

so many good people have had to die

I guess it's just a sign of the times.

For even the wine no longer tastes like the wine.

From every field and walk of life

One is born who can battle through strife

And should he at last a victor be,

We simply add one more name to history

Yet lately the history books grow thin,

and not many battles does mankind win

It could be that mans driving force is through

Decisions are made by me and by you.

 The times are so rapidly changing

That our life-styles need complete re-arranging

What once were highly regarded virtues

are now today's controversial issues

Our meaning of life is lost for ever,

just like the polluted mountain heather

I would that all mankind would know

That for us all - there may be no tomorrow