Dreams of freedom

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Not sure if I can call this poetry, it's probably more prose than poem.  Again, I will let you be the judge of that.

Dreams of Freedom


angel islandThe basis of all our understanding lies rooted in the wisdom learned from many ages past.
Adult projections of childhood dreams and fantasy fly towards a future tomorrow; far beyond our time
But pure truth and understanding only few seldom see, for the words of man are full of lies and deceit

The time of dreams has run its course and fantasy never passed beyond childhood.
For only tomorrow will see the true dawn of understanding and with it the reign of tranquillity.
So let it enter upon your head; for in this realm of earthly sorrow, no one, not even the blind can really see.
We alone are the key to our dejection through the way are thoughts are massed and our dreams weaned
All for a false sense of understanding

While mankind longs to be free, as is his eternal dream.
He will never realise the freedom he already has in such prolific abundance
But most people that dance collect their thoughts en masse and their dreams are weaned by longing to be

I though am free of that chain and nobody alters my thoughts, until I’m ready to do so
And when I’m ready to go the way of other poets. I’ll retire into obscurity again

Freedom means a lot to me. But no longer with the eagles will I run, nor chase the rainbows and the sun
For I will accept whatever comes to me and forever let my dreams wean, only on the truth that I have seen
So for all of you that think you understand, my truth...Is in my song

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