Advice to a Friend

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Advice to a Friend' is basically for anyone thinking of becoming a politician. If that's you, then you had better read this - and who knows; it may just help!

Advice to a Friend

politico2So my friend, you would a politician be
Well listen now - and carefully
Where only fools and horses tread
A politician leaps ahead

They sing a sweet song of our glorious land
How they fight for your rights, it sounds very grand
They'll send you to war with a song and a gun
When you die abroad, they say we have won

They say that this Earth is a beautiful place
While dumping their rubbish upon the world's face
"We're fighting for peace" they say with a grin
Yet weapons are sold - not caring who wins

They tax you for ciggies, whisky and drink
They even put tax on the way that you think
They tax you for walking, for singing and crying
Then when you are dead, they've taxed you for dying

So my friend, you would a politician be
Than I hope you can lie quite easily
I hope you can cheat and deceive while you think
Because my friend - I think they all stink

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