Acceptance or not

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acceptornotAcceptance or not

Some of us thrive on diversity, others hate things to be changed or different. Whatever your personal preference, read this and decide for yourself what is right.


Can you ever be sure?

 About all the people you know


   The ones closest to you

     Or will you struggle through your life

       doubting all around?

        The haters

        The morons

        The drunks and the fools

        The lechers

        The brave

        The blind and the wise

        The extrovert

        The introvert

        The man with the child in his eyes

        The flatters

        The sinners

        The beautiful too

Will you go round doubting them all?

  And in return - let them doubt you

    Or will you change after a while ?

       and accept others as they really are

         The way they'll always be....

           Without seeking for that ulterior motive;

             For only then will you find an inner peace

               Within the solitude of another's company

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