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reflectionssmA poem written after I had stopped traveling and settled down in a sort of domestic bliss (sic). We might all ask ourselves sometime in our life 'what would I do if I had the same choice again'.. Would we have married the same girl, taken the same job or travelled on the same road?


Reflections of a beach one of so many
The laughter and song, the music and wine
Remember dancing till dawn
And those Swims in the moonlight
Making love on the sand
Caressed by a tropical breeze
On those evenings so long.

I reflect on those countries
On the cold and the heat
France, Spain or Africa
Where too next week?
So many places, I've still yet to see

I reflect on a part of my soul
Left in the bar in Cadiz
Or the Medina in Morocco
In that shanty town on the isles
Each a part of me that will never leave

Reflections of dawn
So many dawns - and sunsets -
Seen from mountains, fields and forests
Each new day a mystery,
Not knowing what it brings
Something for everybody
Maybe happiness for each

I reflect on the ones I loved
Sharing and caring, travelling on
Horses through the dessert
Playing in the surf
Together in this song

Reflecting brings sorrow
Happiness and joy
Reflecting brings tears to my eyes
Too many reflections
Now seethe through my mind
I've travelled many thousands of miles
Met so many people, lost so many friends
For a heaven I know can't find

Reflections come and go
Of a life on the road
Where your sanity can walk a thin line
There are too many faces
Too many memories
Each a past now gone by

Reflections of a lonely night
Winds, rain and a cruel earth
Crying to the sky: TAKE ME
I can go on no more
And your lost, and your lonely
You ask what's this worth?
But hope remains for ever within

Reflections are a heavy load
As you think of your life
How quick the years seemed to fly
The wisdom we learned
The joy that we found
The love and the pain
We met on the way
Reflections of shadows gone by

Reflections of travellers
I've met on the road
Some running from problems
Some searching for gold
All reflecting their hearts desire
And their need to be free
Laughing and drinking their way through the world
Loners all our days we must be

So I reflect one more time
As the years roll on by
Yet still I keep moving along
A tramp and a drifter
A traveller and Gypsy
All of these people am I

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