Naked Flames

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campfire flamesA little sentimentality never hurt anyone! Although many sentiments are expressed through hurt and pain. Naked Flames, like many poems before it, was written in the early hours of a morning many years ago after just breaking up with another of my girlfriends and going back on the road..

Naked flames of twilight


Naked lights of twilight flame

Pierce the foggy gloom, of my minds heavy veil 

And, seems to lift this burden of sadness
from off my shoulders
But is it real?
Or just another fantasy
like the others, I've been having lately

So many lonely dreams
So many nights alone!
is this how it was meant to be?
To find a love to share a lifetime with
Then to spend a lifetime alone

Sentimentality was an emotion I never could afford
But now it strikes deep within me
As if - as if with a vengeance
for all the times I left it well alone
It hurts me bad, yet you all know it's tune
So I won't try dwelling
on something which is still so painful to me

Forgive me ----- all of you
if this does not appear to be poetry
Yet for myself---
I never claimed to be a poet
I left all that to you

Let me sleep with my memories
and awake to my dreams
All I ask is to live my life
the way I plan to live it
Do not bother me with your problems
or torture me with your realities
For these are things I can do without

I want to see the sunshine on the land
Feel the breeze against my face
Hear the laughter of the babbling brook
I want to be free to enjoy all these
And yet------
I need to be under the spell
of your captivity

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Marlos, Wales


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