Another Late Night

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latenightsmAnother Late Night is a poem I wrote just after I had finished a relationship with a beautiful soul who I loved very much.  I wrote this in a mountain retreat in the French Pyranees when I was drinking myself into a slow grave.  But as happens, I met a few people and was soon back on the road.



Another Late Night

Another late night begins
Long after the moon has risen
For in a day where boredom reigned supreme
What else is there to do?
But await the night
And whatever it cares to bring

So many cigarettes smoked to ashes
So many drinks left almost untouched
While my head seethes in useless thought
And half formed ideas have yet to see paper
Still the hours have ticked by
And left me feeling exhausted and blue
Eternally lonely without you

Another late night is nearly over
As dawn creeps over the horizon
Even the stars retire
Leaving me alone and empty.




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