Home From the Sea

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hmefromseasmlllThis is a story of a sailor returning from his journey. Only it's not quite as simple as that. I can only ask that you read on.


Home from the sea

The waves they pound a restless shore
With violent storms and tempests strong
Moonlight casting silver light
On shrouded sails as black as night
Of life and death and mystery
And a ship of death that sails the seas

These oceans are an endless tale
Of ships that pass alone at night
Of shimmering shoals that glide below
And phosphorous trails where dolphins go
There's white foam breaking on the shore
And clouds that flit in moonbeams bright
A blackened sail beneath a breeze
A ghostly vision in the night

White horses dance upon a wave
And stars will guide an ancient hand
The sharks lurk down in waters deep
While deep below lost souls do meet
The moon it casts a silvery light
But is lost and broken on the waves
There's dark sails furling on this night
And a ship of death no eyes should see

My father sailed across the seas
Saw many sights in exotic lands
He fought the storms that took men's lives
And heard the tales from many mouths
Of life and death and ghostly sails
Of crews all dead in a watery grave
Before he came home upon the shore
He saw the ship - then spoke no more

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