A New World Born

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nwwrldbrnsmllA New World Born'

Taken from a poem I first wrote 20 odd years ago, it originally dealt with the after affects on this planet after a nuclear war. But I found it seemed more relevant to global warming and pollution See what you think?

It's rushing over mountains

Covering fields and streams

The death that has awaited man

The end of all our dreams

Oh God they cry it's come at last

The end that we all feared

And all around the desperate cry

the people flee and fumble

But alas it's too late

For the end has now drawn near


Death reigns now

Striking from above - and from below

Through the hills and valleys

Through the cities and towns

The sun sheds a final tear

For the fate we knew was comings

The death of all that we hold dear


Only the predators sit and wait

Underneath their claws and fangs

Lie hungry intolerance

'Hush' they say, 'soon our time'

Then as the people died

Their rotting corpses littering the ground

The world sighed


But wait!

A new sound dawns

A new world is to be born

But the cleansing must go on

Until the world is purged

From out of every crack and pore

Poison will flow to fertilise the earth

And mans kingdom will be no more

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