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3Spreading The Net

A short article to help you get the best from the Net.

Anybody trying to earn a living from writing will want to know how the Internet can help. First it must be understood, that as a method of communication, the Internet is possibly the greatest advancement in media since Caxton's printing press; and proving to be just as revolutionary.

Packed with engaging and interesting information, as a source of reference it's second to none. Although finding material can be time consuming, search engines used correctly can speed up the process dramatically.  Some of the best known engines,,, and

There are even search engines to search the search engines such as; One really excellent resource locator is 'The scout report', and can be used as a gateway for finding more detailed subject information.

Once you have found the material to use, locating new markets for your writing could not be easier. There is no shortage of writing based sites on the Web, and many post information on publications seeking freelance contributors.  Some of the best are:, or try, and Many of these sites also have links to other writing sites, and it should not take long  before you accumulate an impressive list of potential markets.

New markets are not all the Internet can offer the would-be writer. There are Web sites offering help, articles and even discussion groups to promote your writing. You can also try On-line magazines, or E-zines as they are known, they also pay reasonable sums for articles and fillers. A good place to look for On-line publications seeking writers would be 'The Writers Guide To the web' at,, or the writers toolbox at, this site is particularly good for a wide range of writing info.  If it's just advice you're after, many writing sites have useful help files for downloading, which can be printed and read at leisure. Try writing resources at

Other advantages to the wired writer include E-mail and just plain self-promotion opportunities. Starting with E-mail. How much does your postage expense cost you? The cost of conventional mail is astronomical. If you consider the envelopes, paper, packets, A4, photocopying, postage and the time spent putting it all together, that's a lot of time, money and words lost to the world. E-mail allows you to send letters, articles, information, and even pictures directly to your chosen market in seconds.

Finally we arrive at the Internet for self promotion. It's not that difficult to build your own web site, and there is enough information freely available to help you achieve this. It seems that everyone is offering free web sites now days, usually in exchange for banner or ad promotion (along with other services). If you are looking for free web space,, is an excellent one, with 'homesteads' set aside especially for writers. Once you have your own web site up and running, you can then publish what ever you want.

The Internet is a medium that allows anybody the opportunity to promote his services, products, hobbies or ideas. The only restriction on the Internet, is the limit to your imagination. If you are hoping to make writing your profession, you can now spread your word to the world -- all for the cost of a local telephone call, and in some countries, that is no cost at all.

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