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Holistic Living

sidebar-5The Struggle to live a holistic life in the 21st centuary.

Every one of us unless we live in very unfortunate circumstances have the opportunity for choice in our life. Admittedly, the options for some are more limited then for others, but seeking alternatives in our lifestyle should be possible for most people in western society.

It is also suggested, that a more 'holistic' approach to life often provides an answer, and even a cure to dissatisfaction in our lives.

Unfortunately, there is nothing holistic about the area surrounding our 3 bedroom terraced house in North Kent. It is hard to call an oil refinery, a few power stations and a cargo port spiritually lifting. However, I still aim to make our lives as holistically ideal as is possible.

As a family, we very much try to encourage an open-minded approach amongst ourselves, and through this, create harmony within our household. It is of course difficult to live a fully natural holistic life within a modern society where consumerism, competition, and capitalism offer little room for spiritual thoughts. But with a little effort and very little sacrifice, it can be achieved.

One good example is antibiotics. Why do we insist in poisoning and weakening our children defense system with antibiotics, when most of the time natural cures are readily available? Although we are all registered with a GP, natural medicines are the only remedies entering our home. I am, by no means, denying or undermining the amazing progress modern medicine has achieved in recent years. However, I am wondering why, while we are nearly entering the new millennium, the NHS has not yet recognized openly the benefits of alternative and natural medicine, after all, plants and natural remedies have been used for thousands of years and I can not understandand why the various medical branches do not work hand in hand for the benefits of all.

In our home, there are three ingredients we never go without. These three wonders of nature - garlic, onions, and lemons  are magical cures for so many ailments! I recently cured, in less than a month, the verrucas on the feet of my ten year old daughter, by applying the inner skin of an onion to them every night. Colds and flu are rare in our household, thanks to plenty of fresh fruit and balanced diets. We only use fresh, and when possible, organic food and it tastes so much better!
Although vegetarian myself, both my husband and children enjoy eating meat, but at least there is now the option of 'animal-friendly' meat. Thankfully, the movement for more natural foods, friendlier animal farming and less mass produced foodstuffs is growing as societies awareness of what is happening around them grows also. This will be good for everyone and hopefully as the market increases, so will the high premium prices start dropping.
In my eyes, a more holistic approach to life will give us that genuine smile we seek, and this will increase harmonious relations between people. Most importantly of all, it will increase the harmony within ourselves, which we then communicate to others, especially the children, who are tomorrow's hope for a peaceful life.

It is, however, so easy to get influenced by all the attractive features Society is advertising, which very often brings delusion, frustration and depression at the end. So why not take a moment to think, and wonder what life is all about, and take a more positive and holistic approach. But, in the end, it's a matter of choice ... yours.

Laurence Fischler

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