4. Moonlight Medicine

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'Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.'
- Orison Swett Marden -

herbsExtract from Chapter 4: Moonlight Medicine.

Mañana now fully recovered realises that the young eagle needs help. Somehow she discovers she possess an amazing skill at healing and in darkness begins to heal the eaglet. Fatigued and near to hypothermia from the cold, she notices torches and familiar voices heading her way. Climbing out of the ravine she runs towards the approaching torches and explains what has happened

stars.With one hand still touching the eagle to maintain her strong contact, she moved her other hand to the area around the lung, then with painfully slow movements, she began to gently probe for the broken rib.  This strange mental contact allowed her to observe the rib from within and guide her hand to the right position. Slowly she began kneading the rib, gradually moving it away from the lung.  With the immediate danger of puncturing a lung gone, she repeated her massaging on the remaining broken ribs, gradually moving them back to their original locations.  Satisfied she had done all she can, she released the eaglets head, looked away and broke the contact.
  Immediately, a feeling of complete exhaustion washed over her and despite the cold, she felt herself sweating.  Leaning back against the ravine wall, she closed her eyes and tried to regain her strength.   

  Since Canana realised that the human was wounded, he had hoped to gather enough strength to attack and if necessary, fight the creature to the death.  Instead, he found himself drifting in and out of consciousness.  Once more, he found himself awake, but now he realised that the moment for defence or attack was gone.  The human had woken and now it had the advantage.  Canana felt its claws around his head and he had tried to form some type of defence but try as he might, he found himself powerless to do anything and could not get his body to obey the commands he gave it.  
  What was this human doing to him?  The eaglet could not understand what was happening.  Gone was the fear this creature had previously shown towards him.  Now it held his head, was looking into his eyes and omitting strange sounds.  Whatever it was it was doing, these strange noises quelled his fear and relaxed him.  On top of this, he felt a strange sensation inside his head, a feeling of peace, comfort and trust was washing over him and he no longer felt afraid of the creature.  Most of all, he knew instinctively that he was safe and that the human wanted to help him?   His mother had told him that these animals only wanted to destroy; they kill for fun and sport and can never be trusted, she had taught him.  He had no doubt it was true, yet all his instincts told him that this one could be trusted.  The combination of its claws around his head and the strange tones emitting from its beak made him feel ever more confident that he was in no danger.  The strange sounds were sending a pleasant but gentle vibration through his body, that was unlike anything he had felt or experienced before and he let himself relax as a deep wariness spread all over him.   As he felt himself once more slipping into the world of images, strange visions opened up before him.  He could see humans playing and laughing, dogs, horses and strange boxes moving on endless grass plains.  He saw images of sunrises and sunsets in places, he could never have possibly seen before.  There were human faces, plenty of them that somehow seemed familiar to him, but whom he never could have known.  A part of his mind realised they were Gypsies, a strange people his mother had told him about.  ‘They are friends to the earth,’ she had told him, ‘you need not fear them.’  
  Then the tingling vibration was replaced by a soothing caress that seemed to relieve the constant hurt he had been cananafeeling.  Am I dying?  He wondered.  If so, why was it such a beautiful feeling?  His mind once more turned to his own family safe in the eyrie, then finally, the eaglet drifted into a painless sleep.   He drifted in and out of consciousness a few times, during the time Mañana administered to him.  He vaguely recalled the food she fed him, a quite tasteful substance he did not recognise, but all too soon gone.  He also remembered hands touching and probing, as well as the human binding parts of his body in the dead animal skin she wore.  His final thought, before drifting into a long and deep unconsciousness, was that the human only wore the skins because it did not have fur or feathers to keep it warm.  

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