4. Death in the Valley

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eagleattack'Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.'
- James A. Froude -

Extract from Chapter 4: Death in the valley. 

Cylor has been ambushed and is fighting for his life. Remera observes the battle with the farmer and the inevitable outcome.  She joins the battle and the bloody carnage that followed sends shockwaves through the farming community.

 As for Remera?  Is it difficult to describe what she must have felt at the moment of Cylor's death?  This was her partner and she already felt his eggs forming inside her.  She knew only hatred at this moment; a hatred so strong that she wanted only to kill and destroy that what had taken her partner.
  cylor2Manual Herrera, frozen with terror was incanting a prayer when Remera's talons struck his head, closing his sight for ever.  Weighing over twenty kilos and travelling at over one hundred miles per hour, Remera impacted against the humans head with a crunching thud.  Instinctively she locked her talons and began to squeeze.  Harder and harder she pressed, continually applying pressure until she felt her claws breaking through his eyes and skull and sinking into the soft mass of his brain.  When she felt all her claws were firmly embedded, she started to flap her great wings, supporting the now dead Herrera in a standing position.
  Even in her rage, which added to her already great strength, the weight of her dead enemy was too much for her to support for long.  As she was not capable of lifting him of the ground, she gave a series of violent jerks, which ripped open his head, sending bits of bone, brain and blood to stain the green of the fields as she released him and he fell to the earth.   
  Even the satisfaction of seeing her foe dead and laying still on the valley floor did not appease her fury and she then set about attacking the corpse.  Using both beak and talon, she tore into Herrera, slashing through cloth and skin, tearing the flesh away and ripping him to pieces.  When she pulled the heart out of his mutilated body, she rose into the air and devoured it.
  Her anger still not appeased, she set about the goats.  They to must pay for her mate's death she had decided.  They were no longer nature’s creatures any more, but domesticated pets that allowed themselves to be used as tools by men.  
  Systematically she attacked the terrified creatures and one by one they died.  For the poor beasts there was no place to run.  Locked in their fenced enclosure, they could only scream in terror as they ran in hopeless circles before they died.
  Like a perfect killing machine, down Remera would swoop, slashing, ripping then mutilating each victim, her wrath knowing no compassion, as she destroyed each of the animals.  
  Finally there were no more goats left alive and all that remained was blood and flesh strewn all over, staining the earth and turning the lush green grass into a red blanket of blood.
  So great had been her rage and killing lust that she had failed to hear the approach of more humans who had come to investigate the screams issuing from the fields.  It was only the thunder of a firestick and the heat of its ball narrowly missing her body that alerted her to the new danger.  With a final cry of triumph, she took to the air.  Higher and higher, her great wings lifted her, out of danger's way, leaving behind the carnage she had committed.  

  In the field below the residents of the nearby village walked through the scene of slaughter.  Scattered around them lay the mutilated remains of one of their neighbours and his flock of goats.  Seeing the corpse of the eagle, their anger and frustration boiled over and they started to hack the body at the body of Cylor until he too resembled the mess of blood and bone they had discovered.  It wasn't long before they got tired of this futile gesture and left the pieces were they lay.  35871091Looking skyward once more, they could still see the other eagle as a small dot on the horizon, as she winged her way home to her mountain retreat.
  They cursed all eagles as the spawn of Satan, and made a solemn vow.  They swore that wherever and whenever the opportunity arose, they would exterminate every eagle in the valley.  They would wipe these creatures from the face of the earth, and this they swore to their almighty God.

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